Coding in scratch

Wow that’s so cool! What was it about? I’ve never done that before, was it tricky?

I use Scratch alot my name is Uniworldgirl on that too whats yours? Maybe I can check out some games.

That would be awesome! I haven’t used it in a little while so I can’t remember my username, but when I remember I’ll let you know!

That would be great! I love checking out more and more games for inspiration!

That’s a great idea, I always take inspiration from other games. Have you made many games in Scratch before?

I’ve made 25 but some are just mini animations or remixs but I lately posted a game about a cute little hedghog that you need to look after. :hedgehog: :hedgehog: :hedgehog:


Wow, 25?! That is amazing!

Which one is your favourite?

Probably the first game i made with my dad Crab and shark adventures or
my pokemon story book Eeveeloution storyteller or my hedghog game. I’m really not sure I like them all. Have you made any games? :nerd_face:

Wow, Pokemon Story Book game sounds amazing!

Yup, I have made some games for fun with Scratch and also on MakeCode Arcade. :grinning:

Here’s one made with MakeCode Arcade:
2d platformer with multiple levels makecode arcade

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That’s so cute Cherie! :heart_eyes:

Hi anything new in scratch lately? :smile:

hey everyone u all happy in ur house? it boring I know but stay safe and have fun! :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:


That’s such a nice message Angel, thankyou! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I hope you’re happy in your house too! I’ve been doing lots of drawing, and playing games! :space_invader:

same her! :innocent: :innocent: :innocent:


I had an idea to create a sharing eachovers games online links for a chat do you want me to make it?

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What a great idea! Go for it @uniworldgirl!

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I have made a movie on scratch


To answer your question Leura, I have made a chasing game, a cartoon- it’s more like a quarter of a cartoon - and a very detailed question to my mum.


me too! Share it in the new section i made just paste the link!

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