OH NO WE ARE LATE! Thursday 10th December...


@Leura and I were debugging a very annoying program (we’re still going) and we forgot to open the forums!


Have you ever forgotten anything super mega important?

Sarah x


ahahaha hi! did u get my email?

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i was beginning to think i was losing it… you know, sometimes u lose track of the days in the holidays.

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Hmmmmmmm I will check with @Leura!

Did you send it to me or @Leura?

It has been ONE OF THOSE DAYS. Maaaaaaate :crazy_face:

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:smiley: i feel ya…


HAHAH me and @Sarah_CEO were trying to figure a tech thing out :sweat_smile: still haven’t figured it out lololol
How are you @Skywalker08?

pretty good! now thats schools out, i can FINALLY breathe again

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wait gtg. brb

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Nice!! I still can’t believe how early you started holidays lol :stuck_out_tongue:

ok hiii

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was my birthday on tuesday! I turned insert number here old

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Oh my gosh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :partying_face: Did you have a nice day?

:smiley: yes it was amazzing. we wnt to the city and i got heeeeeeeeeeaps of star wars merch


NICE!!! What did you get?!

weeeell (here we go) some of them were from my grandparents, friends etc. I got a lightsaber drink bottle, lightsaber cup, mando calendar, star wars pins (theyre soooo cool and match my new obsession perfectly) ,star wars pencil case and and a rlly cool not star wars watch and journal.

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yeah and a rlly cool not star wars watch and journal.

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NICE!! I love pins! I have a denim jacket that has a bunch of pins on it, including some Girl Geek ones :slight_smile: I also seriously need a new watch… maybe I should get a Star Wars one too :thinking:

for some reason it got split up into 2 posts…

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:smiley: it actually wasnt a star wars watch. it was a wear os. ofc i put a sw watch face on it XD

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