Thursday, 29th October - Hi everyone!

Hiii everyone! How ya going?

What has everyone gotten up to today? Has anyone done anything exciting? :slight_smile:

:charmander: :charmander: :charmander:


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I’ll kinda be on and off :slight_smile:

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Hi @Skywalker08! :slight_smile: How ya going? Are you doing tutoring at the moment?

Soon. In the car rn. Starts @ 4:30

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Pretty good!

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Nice! I still don’t understand how you can text in the car, I get SOOOO sick :stuck_out_tongue: what’s your secret?!


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Hiiiii @Catgirl!! How’s your day going? :slight_smile:


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How bout u?

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Hi Guys! How are you! I have a new fake name- Debra. Its an anagram for bread (I have an odd obsession with bread)

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Yea pretty good! :slight_smile: I’m drinking a Milo at the moment, which is always a sure way to make your day 100% better :wink:

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Hahha I love it @Debra_The_Bread! I love bread too… :yum: Random question, but do you have a favourite kind of bread?

Oh VERY HARD!! but I like the simple loaf. It has lots of bread in it :wink:

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Mmmm good pick! Hahahha I want toast now :laughing:

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BTW can I change my name? I cant seem to find it.

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I dont see it :frowning:Screenshot 2020-10-29 161858

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