Thursday 30th April - pinch and a poke?

Oh awesome, I was there too! How cool was it :star_struck:

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I don’t, but I’d love to learn! Do you know any phrases?

I loved the game at the start but the second time I died the whole game froze! Thinking about it I think that I saw you and helped you destroy a creature.

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Satsriakaal means hello in the punjabi language. It might be hard to pronounce.

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Was that you!? Awesome, thanks for the help! I was in a total pinch :sweat_smile:

So coooool, I’d love to hear more about the language! Do you wanna chat about it in Languages we speak ?

Got to go. I’ve got dancing.


I was supposed to write this in the topic What language you speak.


Okay bye IAwesomeKITTY

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Cya! Enjoy the dancing :dancer:t5:

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Si. ¡Moy bien!

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What does THAT mean?! :astonished:

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Yes . Very good!

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XD this is fun.

Haha oh dear no I didn’t know how to do anything but run - I hid underground!!!


I agree, let’s talk about it over at Languages we speak !! :grin:

I am going guys so bye!


See ya soon @S-K!!!

Hi i’m Back!

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